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How to Hard Reset APPLE iPad 3 WiFi

Hard Reset How to APPLE iPad 3 WiFi Can restore the initial settings and can also open the APPLE iPad 3 WiFi that is locked.

This time I will share about how to do a hard reset on your How to Hard Reset APPLE iPad 3 WiFi, is there a problem your smartphone in the operating system ?. On the operating system often decreased performance. Since we run too many applications then Ram will consume data on your Apple.

For those of you who have forgotten your password, this hard reset can help you unlock locked patterns or lock keywords on your How to Hard Reset APPLE iPad 3 WiFi, this lets users unlock keywords in How to Hard Reset APPLE iPad 3 WiFi.

Step :

Step 1. Turn off your APPLE iPad 3 WiFi by press and hold the power button.

Step 2. After that connect your ipad to your PC or laptop using the data cable.

Step 3. Then open itunes app or your laptop computer

Step 4. When running the itunes app, select the summary tab and click Restore in the itunes app.

Step 5. then confirm the "restore" option to start the hard reset process.

Step 6. Now itunes has been downloaded to restore and also prepare the software on your ipad.

Step 7. last step select "Set up as a new ipad" and click continue.

Step 8. Congratulations !! You've done a hard reset process and just put a name for your device


If doing the Hard Reset process will erase all data on your phone.

All the operations described above, you are doing your own risk.

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